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Sharona Ozery Lomberg is an Israeli artist and the founder of Loosh Loosh, based on the Big Island of Hawaii. During Covid-19, in a totally unexpected departure from her ceremonial art, she began creating the most whimsical drawings, new art she never dreamed she had in her.

“When I started drawing. I had no intentions in mind, no plans to even show the drawings or offer them to anyone. I think it was my way of coping with the stress of the time. The drawings just poured out through my fingers. I couldn’t stop. Days went by, and still I was drawing with no predetermined thought of what I wanted to create.”

What makes Sharona’s art so unique is the way she approaches the work. Although she is right hand dominant, she was inspired to adopt an unusual approach, drawing often with her left hand or with her eyes closed. The more she drew, the more inventive she became, and in the spirit of discovery, she did drawings upside down or while lying flat on the floor with her paper above her.

Sharona’s new work is fun, fanciful, colorful and uncomplicated. Somehow, taking this approach supported the need for deeper connection, as well as inner bliss and happiness, that she saw in herself and others during Covid. Working in this way allowed her to not only bring forward her innate sense of humor and her dynamic personality, but to also address her lifelong goal of making people feel good.
Once she decided to show this body of work, Sharona was touched by how well it was received and delighted at the joy it provided to people. She continues creating her drawings and now sells and licenses her art work to galleries and gift shops.